Monday, March 21, 2011

Freight Train

This is a simple arrangement in C tuning (drop low D string to C: gCGBD).

I mute the 4th and thirds stings to get a percussive bass and play it sowewhat close to the bridge with the fingerpicks on. For an exercise try playing the thumb alternating between the 4th and third stings on the 1 and 3 beats. In this style the back and forth action with the thumb on the low strings delivers a constant, propulsive bass rhythm. Th banjo doesn't have the lowest bass range but I still dig the sound of it.

As always write me if you have any questions.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Devon
    You know in every guitar finger pickin book there's a rendition of freight train. I grew to detest the sight of this song! And for some reason my guitar rejected it forthwith.
    But your adaption to banjo is just great. Especially using the low C tuning, and the great news is my banjo loves it. Hey, and so do I.
    Thanks for making this web blog available Devon.