Saturday, June 29, 2013

Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Variations

********************************UPDATE (July 19th)*********************************

So I came in third in the Banjo Hangout's 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown Challenge'.  You can check out the top 3 at

Was alot of fun.  Thanks to everyone who competed and voted.

I had someone request the tab for my arrangement so I've written it out  for anyone interested.  You can download it from my tablature archive here (it's in tabledit format.  If you don't have tabledit you can download the viewer at


I did a few posts offering some variations on Earl Scruggs' 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown' but never really showed the individual variations back to back.

Here I've recorded some variations on the previous variations thrown together and performed with guitar accompaniment provided by fellow Tishomingo String Bander Chris Russell.

Here it is...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

After the Gold Rush

Came up with this little arrangement of one of my favourite Neil Young melodies.  It's played in the original key of D in standard tuning with the 5th string spiked to an A.

Here is the video...

And here is the tablature (click to enlarge)...