Friday, June 3, 2011

Exploring Cherokee Shuffle - Part I : Straight Ahead Break

It was suggested by Joe Downes on a forum that we explore Cherokee Shuffle next so here it is...

If you follow this blog and it seems a little familliar that's because I posted a recording of it played on a little Goldtone mini banjo a few months back.

The arrangement is fairly right hand heavy, down the neck, with the left hand providing some strong pulls. The B section uses a wole lot of backward roll. If the backward roll has been giving you grief playing this arrangement may be just the thing.

I'll try and post another arrangement or two for this one in the next little while.

If you've got a version you want to share feel free to plug it in the comments section.

NEXT: Exploring Cherokee Shuffle Part II: The Uncapoed Key of A Break

Exploring The Gold Rush - PartIII: Up the Neck Break

At long last here is a new up the neck break for Gold Rush. No video for this one yet but will try and cook something up in the next couple days.

Here's what it looks like...

Not too many completely out of left field surprises although the bend release from the 19th fret may take some work. Basically the note is bent a whole step (2 frets) before it is plucked and then the bend is quickly released. Also known as ghost bends these come in handy here and there and may bring to mind the sounds of pedal steel guitar.

As always write me if anything isn't totally clear.