Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exploring Blackberry Blossom - Part III High Break

The last post in this series covered a low single string break for Blackberry Blossom. Once you've gone as low as you possibly can there's only one to go: up.

For the high Blackberry break we begin with some single string way up at the 17th fret of the first string. We stay on the first string for a while, shifting the index finger back whenever neccesary (to the 16th and then the 14th fret) and then use a bit of a melodic escape at the end of measure 2 to skip back to 7th position. The 2nd half of the A section (measures 5-8) is the same as the first only with a slightly different ending.

The B section veers away from the single string technique to a forward/ reverse roll barring at the 12th fret and adding and removing the 14th fret on the first string as neccesary.

Because I wanted to make this high break as high as humanly possible I put a jump up to the 22nd fret on the first string over the B chord.

The end of the B section returns to single string on the melody.

Here is the arrangement in tablature form (click for a larger image)

And here is what it sounds like.

Also, for anyone looking for backing tracks to play the break along with there are some in mp3 form here;

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