Friday, February 3, 2012

New Recording of the Bourree from J.S. Bach's Cello Suite #3

I arranged this Bourree for solo banjo and recorded it with the great Dave Gannett. You can listen to the recording HERE.

It is in C tuning (gCGBD)and the cellists I listened to played it largely with an impassioned sensitivity which I tried my best to replicate on an instrument not best known for its sensitivity.

If you would like to try playing it here is the tablature...


  1. A cello musical instrument is provide the amazing music and like it many more people and also me. Last time me and my brother sing a song and with playing this instrument. It really amazing moment in my life.


  2. I've always liked the cello also. One of my best friends growing up, Garrett Knecht, was a cellist and would practice every morning when the rest of us were sleeping in.

    One interesting thing I found about arranging cello pieces for banjo; in C tuning the range lines up nicely. Both instruments have the low C (although I believe on cello it sounds an octave lower...feel free to correct me cellists).